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MACLEC TECHNICAL PROJECT LABORATORY PRIVATE LIMITED is a global, diversified organization of 4 major companies.

Namely: Renewable Energy, Environment Management, Technology Development and Commercialisation through targeted R&D. Our dedicated team of experts are well focused on sustainable development all around the world.

  • Green Energy- Hydrokinetics

    MACLEC is now at large, known in the whole world for its main invention i.e. Surface Hydrokinetic Turbine Technology. This robust military grade technology requires negligible structure to get deployed in any running stream and by virtue of its design the SHK Turbines are scalable, modular, replicable and relocatable...
  • Mechanical Engineering

    The Mechanical Engineering sector is highly qualified and a hard working team with excellent track records. Biggest hand at our technology driven successes and making our company resourceful with all the equipment needed, we are proud to hold such an excellent team.
  • Technical Consultancy

    MACLEC specialises in comprehensive end-to-end solutions in the Technical Consultancy segment of India. We offer customised design builds as well as numerous Specialised Technical consultancy services for IIT’s, CSIR Labs, Ministries and MNCs.
  • Research & Development

    MACLEC delivered turnkey EPC solutions in the sectors of Energy, Infrastructure, Environment and Social Development. MACLEC has quite a few firsts to its name. To name a few - India's first Startup to execute first of its kind R&D cum Technology Commercialization project with PSUs & IITs .
  • Environment Engineering

    MACLEC with many other services and technologies, also provides Clean and Green Renewable Energy, Water Resource Management, Air Pollution Control, Solid Waste Management, Carbon control and many more.
  • Power Engineering

    Today, MACLEC is one of the leading companies in India which transforms and co-creates future energy technologies and techniques that are safe, affordable, reliable, renewable, efficient which helps one to drive the economic growth and raise the living standards and safety around the world.



Surface Hydrokinetic Turbines is the robust military grade technology that requires negligible structure to get deployed in any running stream and by virtue of its design the SHK Turbines are scalable, modular, replicable and relocatable. This indigenous technology can provide clean and affordable round the clock renewable electricity to cater the demand of those billions of farmers, villagers, micro small medium industries as well as all other such establishments near running streams.
All the major developing and developed economies of the world are backing renewable energy as the way to drive the energy transition and much needed Decarbonisation and electrification of the economy. To raise its renewable capacity and grow sustainably, our pioneering SHK Turbines can provide a base for the world to diversify its clean technology portfolio and expand its conversation beyond solar and wind energy technologies.

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MACLEC VAYU-I (MV-I) is World's First Ambient Air Purification Technology in which Doesn't consume electricity, Infect it generate electricity and purify air using Road Traffic.

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it is Indigenous, state of the art, patented technology entitled MACLEC ADVANCE SWACCHA BHARAT TRASH, in short “MAST” to address solid waste associated problems

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India's Most Innovative Start-up in providing Tech-Driven Solutions

"Incorporated on 24 December 2014 with a vision to develop innovative commercially viable ideas to explore the unexplored avenues MACLEC comes into existence for "Redefining Engineering and Reinventing Technologies" in order to provide Technologically Doable, Economically Feasible, Environmentally Sustainable and Socially Acceptable innovative solutions to solve challenges persists in the present world which are insuring low cost sustainable solutions for Environment Conservation. Being a core R&D driven company, MACLEC filed several patents, innovative solutions for various repudiated institutions and presently working in association with various IITs, CSIR Labs and PSUs."


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Nainital : CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Inaugurated Surface Hydro Kinetic Project in Pawalgarh

Every Farmer will have his own Power Plant and “every farmer will have a power plant”. “Pani, Har Ghar Ko Bijli” will be available at the lowest rates since the inception of the state of Uttarakhand :CM Dhami
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पवलगढ़ कंजर्वेशन रिजर्व पहुंचे CM धामी, हाइड्रो काइनेटिक टरबाइन का किया निरीक्षण

वन प्रभाग रामनगर के अंतर्गत पवलगड़ कंजर्वेशन रिजर्व की रेंज में पूर्ण स्वदेशी सरफेस हाइड्रो काइनेटिक टरबाइन तकनीकी का मुख्यमंत्री पुष्कर धामी ने निरीक्षण किया. इस दौरान उन्होंने कहा कि आज ऊर्जा उत्पादन की जो तकनीक संचालित हो रही है, वह शत प्रतिशत पर्यावरण के लिए अनुकूल है. यह तकनीक छोटी से छोटी पहाड़ी गुलों से लेकर बड़ी से बड़ी नदियों में बिना कोई बांध बनाये या पानी को रोके 24 घंटे और 12 महीने विद्युत उत्पादन करने में सक्षम है.
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Meet Maclec: The award-winning Indian startup that produces hydropower in shallow waters

With around 7.8 billion people on the planet earth, it’s no secret that we need more resources to sustain for our future generations. Currently, governments of various countries are focussed on solving problems like food shortage, energy production, water conservation and more.
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MACLEC is the brainchild of two successful & talented entrepreneurs NARAYAN and BALRAM Bhardwaj. MACLEC believes in working together for a better, healthy future- FOR […] WHY MACLEC?